Milena Silvano is the London-based studio renowned for timeless sheepskin garments and home pieces.

Our principled approach to design marries understated luxury and exacting production ethics.

Since 2010, our collections and philosophy have evolved gradually and intuitively.

Our core values inform all our decision-making, from sourcing, to manufacturing, to the day-to-day of running our business.



We are driven by a wholehearted admiration for the origins of our materials. 

When we first began working with sheepskin in 2010, we scoured charity shops and markets for vintage coats which we repurposed and reconfigured by hand into new Milena Silvano pieces. 

As our reputation for beautiful sheepskin coats flourished and demand for our products grew, we started working with new hides. 

Honouring the principles of regenerative agricultural practices and minimal waste, we only work with hides that are a by-product of the meat industry. 

We never work with furs which are farmed exclusively for their pelts. 

Our materials come from one tannery in Italy which complies with high standards of environmental, ethical and social sustainability and carries globally recognised certification. 

(Fully certified by the Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector (I.CE.C) which ensures ethical accountability, sustainability and traceability.)



We believe in the value of restraint and moderation which is why we don't release seasonal collections.

We actively resist the idea that new is always better, which is why you will find core pieces – like our classic Diamond Jacket, Moon Vests and Coats – return again and again, the same but different, like the rhythm of the seasons. 

Each new release honours and learns from the one that went before. If you buy one of this coveted core styles, you are buying a heirloom piece that won't go out of fashion.



The DIY approach with which we began is still with us. 

We are inspired by the history of crafts that minimize waste. 

We harness the power of patchwork to design bespoke pieces specifically to accommodate even the smallest of production offcuts.

And as we sift through our offcuts by hand, we are conscious of the intimate connection and admiration we feel for our materials: their quiet strength; their soft tactility; their subtle variations of colour, texture, and tone. As we reassemble them, we imagine them anew, each time a little different.

We watch how the light catches them: we look, we listen, we adjust, we remake.