Eliza Conlon

South East London UK

Photography by Ruby Woodhouse

Featuring Eliza Conlon

describe what you do –
freelance stylist and consultant

Can you tell me a little bit about your background?
I did a foundation at Camberwell, after specifying in fashion there I then went on to Central Saint Martins. I studied womenswear design for two years before deciding to differ my place, but knowing full well I wouldn’t go back!  I hadn’t even considered styling, it wasn’t something we were ever taught on my course or even spoken about as it was quite a purist pathway. Soon after leaving I met stylist Jane How through one of her previous assistants and something just clicked. I realised it offered many of the things I loved about design, but I also think it had a lot to do with Jane and her process. If I had been introduced to a different stylist I think where I would be now would be entirely different. Jane and the way she works really was what inspired me to continue down the styling path.

Do you have a favourite item of clothing?
Current jeans. It tends to just be which ever jean I get into wearing and will wear those for months on end….. hygienically of course!

Does living in London inform your aesthetic?
I grew up in London and went to secondary school in central so I often commuted. Most people hate that but there’s something quite nostalgic about it for me. I love the way people dress every day.  The small details and the combinations they might put together, especially if it’s for a non aesthetic reason. I’m interested in the relationship people have with their clothes and the most interesting combinations I find, often just come from a necessity and practicality rather than something over thought out.

Do you have a health or beauty routine?
Apart from practising yoga 4-5 times a week I don’t have any other health routines and I definitely don’t have any beauty routines, I’m quite simple when it comes to anything like that. Cleanse and moisturise and if it’s a special occasion perhaps some mascara!


some of your favourites. . .

book - 
The Dark Net by Jamie Bartlett

an artist -
I don’t have a favourite artist but I have a favourite print that was a gift. It’s a picture of the Neo-Naturists taken by Grayson Perry

a plant - 
My Pilea

a podcast -
I’ve been listening a lot to:  Don’t salt my game by Laura Thomas. It digs deep into society’s perception of weight and health which I find interesting

a song - 
For some reason I’ve become obsessed with Hans Zimmer’s theme track to Interstellar. A few years later ha

a place -
Telegraph Hill

“I’ve been wearing my moon coat probably everyday for the last week as it’s got colder. I’m really enjoying wearing it both ways with smart trousers, jeans and short dresses with wooly tights. Aside from it’s obvious beauty as a garment, it kind of feels like cosy armour encompassing you. There aren’t many clothes that look great and make you feel so comfortable and secure.”