Taylor EyeWalker

Venice CA

Photography by Tehya Shea

Featuring Taylor EyeWalker

Describe what you do -
I believe the best way to describe me is a polymath.
When it comes to my work it all consolidates down to whats happening at any time within any of my offerings and my gift is that of healing and transforming frequency and vibration.
I am a kundalini yoga teacher, creator of a training called The Uncoil Method and Kambo Medicine Practitioner.

Where were you photographed for this interview?
At my apartment in Venice, a sweet little abode by the beach.

How long have you had your MS coat?
I first found Milena several years ago and I coveted the idea of wearing a sheepskin jacket on my body. After all I sit on sheepskins to meditate and do yoga so it felt SO right for me to have one on my body.
I remember the day I took the plunge for my first custom made jacket. I was in Copenhagen and she said, it’s finally ready to ship out! I had waited many months for this precious piece and I was so thrilled. It’s so beyond a jacket...it’s a porthole into a new self experience.

Since receiving my custom jacket, I knew it was time to get another one, with a different feel and vibe. So I got the yin yang jacket and it completes my wardrobe in so many ways. You’ll see both of these in our photo shoot.

What is your daily routine?
First thing I do is wake up in the morning and go straight to my sheepskin for morning meditation. I wake up before the sunrise and do what’s called, a Sadhana. These are my personal meditation practices that I have been doing consistently every day for many many years without skipping a beat. Usually I have clients that I get ready to go see and I’m off to their homes. If I don’t, I enjoy a sweet coveted morning tea ceremony with myself.

My morning practice is something that sets me straight for my day and is really a non negotiable, wherever I am and no matter where I may travel.

Have you always been a spiritual person? When did this path begin for you?
I think maybe at many points I would never have described myself as that, but looking at my life as a whole I’ve always been connected to the spirit realms. I’ve always felt something more than what’s directly in front of me.
Even as a child I was interested in esoteric practices and as early as 8 years old I was learning about holistic health, yoga and energy work.
I love going back to my high school journals because I’ve found pages upon pages of writing at 16 where I talked about acupuncture and energy.
So wild how very few things really change about us if we’re living at the core of who we really are!


What are the challenges and rewards of your work?
The challenges and rewards of my work are that of being completely and totally available.
I know that for clients to benefit the most of me, it is essential I give myself over completely to being of support to that client. Which means, getting out of the way. So far that time I am with them, my life issues, my concerns, my personal life is to be out of the way so that I may hold a clear space for each and every person I come in contact with. I find that I do that with ease for the most part, I’m able to create space at a moments notice to be available. The challenge I do find is that I in the past have made myself so full with obligations that I don’t take the time to care for myself and at the end of the day, I really deeply feel it.

I’ve learned a lot about pacing myself. It’s not necessary to book a client on one side of the city and the next in another county. Be strategic with my schedule and my agreements, when I do that, it is such a gift to hold space for another!


Pick a current favourite

a podcast
My current favorite podcast is the Lifestylist episode with Dr. Jack Kruse on 5G reality

a meal
Strawberry Collegian Shake

Coconut water (fresh)
Coconut Meat (fresh)
A splash of RAW goat milk
Rose water
Collegian peptides
Collegian protein powder
2 raw egg yolks
Tablespoon of vanilla
Saffron (a pinch)
Turmeric (a pinch)  
Blend in blender!

So YUM!!