Tal Brener

Sussex UK

Photography by Milena Silvano

Featuring Tal Brener

I am so happy to finally feature Tal Brener amongst the Women and Sheepskin series. I was first aware of Tal’s work in the late 90’s when she worked as a fashion stylist in London – a shoot she created with Annette Aurell for ID is one of my favourite to this day.  Much like with her women’s circles today, her styling facilitated beautiful witchy imagery as well as offering an unconventional take on beauty.

Tal is in her own words “a mother, daughter, sister, a student and a teacher of the sacred feminine mysteries ” and co-creates circles for women and girls. She is from Australia but now resides in East Sussex in my neighbouring village. Tal owns several MS pieces and we chose to photograph her in a coat that resonates with her the most, a piece I stitched entirely by hand a few years ago.

What does the word ritual mean for you and how do you honour such moments in your day?
A sacred practice that offers me the opportunity for deeper connection to myself, others and the natural world around me.

What are some elements or textures you love to have in your personal or working space?
I surround myself with handcrafts, items that have been made with hands centuries ago and  up until today. Some have been made in many different parts of the world, some in my local community, some in my home. I am drawn to those made with natural materials by people with a deep connection to what they are making. I also like objects which carry a message, the ones that speak to you from across the room.

Do you have a spiritual practice?
Yes, the feminine spiritual practice. The practice embedded in the menstrual cycle.

Do you have any routines surrounding health and beauty?
Honouring and giving time to my spiritual practice.

We believe women have an innate sense of instinctual responses to situations. Have you experienced a moment recently where you trusted your instinct?
Whenever I give space to my instinct, my inner wisdom, I am always rewarded with clarity and vision.

Please share a gift or surprise that the experience of motherhood has given you.
Children are the gift. They have the closest link to spirit of all living creatures. They are our teachers if we choose to observe and listen.

What does community mean for you, and how do you experience this through your work?
For me community means sharing and co creating.

When you are feeling stuck or unmotivated in your practise how are some ways in which you pull yourself through?
I wait until the next cycle which always offers me the opportunity to try again and I give myself time to separate by retreating into my shepherd’s hut. this never fails to allow me to awake to a different possibility.