Salihah Moore

Colorado USA

Photography by Rebecca Stumpf

Featuring Salihah Moore

Artist and mother Salihah Moore initially captured our attention with her celebration of colour and abstract pattern through the ancient craft of seed bead jewellery and art. Born in Spain, and with a childhood spent in California and Philadelphia, Salihah now resides and creates in Colorado. This geographical exposure has informed Salihah’s deep love for nature, and it is Mother Earth herself that has taught the artist to let go of trying to control her practice, and rather, to trust and enjoy the art of spontaneity.

What are some elements or textures you love to have in your personal or working space/s?
I love having bits of nature around, art that inspires me, things that remind me of my dad; verses of his poetry etc, friends art and weavings, and things that are colorful and joyful.


Your patterns and palette are so unique to your work, how do your beaded pieces usually manifest? Is this an organic or prepared process? 
Thank you! My work is very spontaneous — what I love about beading is watching the designs appear before my eyes and in my fingers, as opposed to on a page. I sometimes end up discarding pieces I’ve spent hours on, but I’ve learned to honor those ‘rejects’. They often inform and inspire the pieces that were waiting to be made, the ones I might not have realized had I not restarted.

When you are feeling stuck, uninspired or unmotivated in your practice, how are some ways in which you pull yourself through?
I look at art. I turn everything off, no music, no podcasts and just sit with what has been inspiring me and make a bunch of stuff I don’t like. I get all the uninspired stuff out of me and then all of a sudden, yes!

What does ‘community’ mean for you, and how do you experience this through your work?
Community is a friend-family. I’m so grateful for the connections I’ve made through my work with other designers, especially by being a part of the Echo Park Craft Fair! EPCF is such an incredible community of talented and supportive artists, I always return home feeling recharged and inspired. Being at the market also connects me to people who resonate with my jewelry, which means so much to me. It’s heart-opening, I love it.

Do you have a spiritual practice?
Being an artist, a mother, a wife and a friend.

We believe women have an innate sense of instinctual responses to situations. Have you experienced a moment recently where you trusted your instinct? 
YES, it’s so true! I’ve really been using the ‘eyes on the back of my head’ lately with the new baby. Being a mother you have a 360 degree radar on at all times, it’s amazing.

Do you have any routines surrounding health and beauty?
Every few months or so I clean my teeth! It’s so refreshing. Years ago, my roommate and I couldn’t afford a dentist so we bought a few dental tools at a CVS to clean each others teeth with. Been a self proclaimed dental hygienist ever since.

Please share a gift or a surprise that the experience of motherhood has given you:
Being witness to the incredible wisdom, intelligence and purity in new humans is such a gift and a teacher. Having two new favorite people that I get to know from the very beginning, what a gift!

book -
The Magic Grove: A Persian Folktale by Joseph Palecek, it’s been my favorite since I was a kid. The oil pastel illustrations are very vibrant and the story is so sweet, I cry every time. It’s about true generosity and these magnificent, magical birds

artist -
Paul Klee and my dad

podcast -
Waking Up with Sam Harris

song -
Szas  — Love Galore

film -
Latcho Drom by Tony Gatlif


Salihah’s website and  instagram page.