Noël Morical

Chicago IL

Photography by Kate Berry

Featuring Noël Morical

Where are you from and where did you grow up?
Indianapolis, IN.

Where were you photographed for this story?
In my studio building in Chicago, IL.  

Please describe who you are/what you do.
I am an artist based out of Chicago, IL. Most of my personal practice is based in craft techniques, such as macrame. I have also been curating a monthly traveling exhibition called Pocket Object-I asked 200+ artists to create keychain inspired work, and price it below $100.
During the week, I do floral design, prototyping, and admin work to pay the bills.
I am also a very enthusiastic pet snail owner, and popsicle connoisseur.

What are you working on/interested in at the moment?
With the progression of the social justice movement in the US, community support and educating myself on race and structural racism has become an focal pursuit. In addition, I have been cooking more than ever, and reading a lot around Haraway’s Cyborg manifesto.
Do you make time for self-care, and if so what are your rituals or routines?
Self care is something I'm tying to be better about.
Daily walking is my most regular ritual-making time and space to take in the world/map it out-either alone or with someone else, feels grounding.  
I also sleep with a hunk of pyrite, just for good measure.

What is your favorite product/art piece/project that you have created and why?
I love the act of making, it’s this ever expanding puzzle-configuring. It’s difficult to say one piece is my favorite. I really enjoy making work for specific people. I have been trading quite a bit with other artists during quarantine. That type of exchange  feels important and beautiful to me -I feel lucky to live surrounded by so many friends- by so many familiar faces.

I am always curious about people’s relationship with spirituality. Beside the world that we see, I think there is an unseen force that I sometimes refer to as creativity, or as love. I haven’t figured out what spirituality means to me but it’s a conversation I am interested in having with people. Are you interested in the unseen?  What does spirituality mean to you?
I am, very much so.  I wish we could have it in person! I believe there is an underlying energy that unites everything. I feel like right now, In this time-spirituality feels like slowing down and tuning into my internal world as well as the natural elements. looking into the center of a dahlia (tis the season) feels humbling and resonant.

How has COVID-19 affected you- emotionally or practically- and how are you coping with the new paradigm we live in?
I try to take everyday as it comes.

I feel like I am going through the phases of grieving (good bye, old life as we knew it) and trying to remain fluid and optimistic about the unknown to come.

I have been focusing on gratitude, and laughing, radical tenderness and navigating the realms of digital/in-person platonic intimacy with more intention.

pick a current favourite...

a song - (top 5 this week)
Sane - Green Tea Peng
Décolletage- Oui Ennui
Follow Me- The Shacks
Mother Natures Bitch- Okay Kaya

a book -
Another Gaze Film Journal #04

a scent -
sun baked rocks

an item of clothing -
Thrifted hickory stripe denim pants

plant/flower -
Dandelion( flower + root), Korean Dogwood , all the Mimosas

a recipe -
“Campfire” pizza:
caramelized onion base
blue cheese
crisp potatoes

artist/maker -
Everyone I know