Maureen Klingels-Pruss

North London UK

Photography by Ruby Woodhouse

Featuring Maureen Klingels-Pruss

Lashed, threaded, tied, pierced and beaten, are some of the ways in which Maureen Klingels-Pruss’ art works have previously been described – each an indication to the artist’s devotion and love of making. Currently residing in Kentish Town, London, Maureen, now retired, sustains a daily practice of creating because art for Maureen exceeds the idea of profession and is, instead, simply a way of life.

Tell us about your current practice.
I don’t make sculptures these days, I just continue to experiment with different materials, and all on a much smaller scale. When I retired from teaching in 2002, I did a Foundation Degree in Fine Art. Since then, I have moved to jewellery making, experimenting in design ideas that can be realised on a smaller scale in metal, a material I love working in. I also only make art for myself now; it is the process of making that I enjoy.

What are some elements or textures you love to have in your personal space?
My personal space must contain a variety of things that are of interest and that inspire me! Minimalism is not my thing! It’s crowded with a wide variety of art, artifacts, textiles, wooden floors and as much light as possible!

Do you collect anything?
I collect books, books and more books! I have always collected books from as far back as I can remember. I love searching for rocks, minerals and fossils on my travels and treks to beaches, as they have always fascinated me. I collect masks, too, mainly African. The transparency, light and reflections of glass intrigue me, and I collect a variety of glass bottles, mainly blue, and transparent glass tubes & phials used in science. I collect anything that interests me, pleases my eye and that I think I may use when I am making art.

What does the word ‘ritual’ mean for you, and how do you honor such moments in your day?
Ritual for me has strong connotations of religious belief, faith. I do not connect this with my art. For me art is thought, reflection, research, and problem solving and doing what is necessary to realize my ideas.

How do you experience and enjoy your local community?
I enjoy walking across Parliament Hill and across Waterlow Park up to Highgate High Street. I love the Owl Bookshop on Kentish Town High Street.

Do you have any health and beauty routines?
I go to a local gym three times a week and I believe I have a healthy diet!