Emily Wilde

Melbourne Australia

Photography by Emily Wilde

Featuring Emily Wilde

Emily is a multidisciplinary artist from Australia. To supplement her creativity she works as a bookseller, but the majority of her time is spent making and exploring the magical forests, prairies, mountains and rivers outside of Melbourne where she lives. These photographs were taken in and around her home.

How does the natural world affect your practice?
Nature has its own intricate web of language within itself and each time I am in its presence I need to do nothing but stand and listen. It is so steadfast and reliable, if I feel lost or unsure I go walking. I understand I won't necessarily receive all I need each time either; sometimes nature is a friend like the grand redwood trees I can rest my shoulder up against. It affects my practice deeply because the natural world is my muse. If I find myself feeling stressed or overwhelmed it usually means I haven’t been out in nature for some time and I know in my body I have to go where I’m being called to. It helps me reset and gain some focus.

When did you realise you wanted to express yourself using a variety of mediums?
I think going to art school and really using clay properly for the first time pushed me to try different mediums. Before that I was exclusively into pencil drawing and little else. Since then I just wanted to try everything. The way my mind works is if I am feeling something intensely or wanting to convey a concept in a very particular way, I sort of scan through how I can best interpret that and with what medium. Nothing is off the table either, I’ll pick up something completely new I’ve never tried before and do my best to bring my vision to life. Recently working with wood has sparked my interest quite a lot. So I’m getting inspired by other artists who have completely mastered woodturning and making home wares. I’d like to start with making spoons and small bowls, perhaps for friends’ homes to begin with. I’m finding the more materials I explore the greater the desire I have to create things that can be used over and over. I’ve moved away from jewellery recently and would love to make things that function as a tool in the home.

What music or literature is currently inspiring you?
I’m reading a book at the moment called the Nature Principle and it’s about balancing the virtual with the real as we advance into a more high-tech way of living. I think balance is important but, I could never get enough of the natural world. For me the balance is found in the environment. As for music, Queen has been getting me motivated to get to work and charge at the day. I used to be dead scared of their music as a child, my Mum used to blast ‘Made In Heaven’ so loudly it’d make me cry. But a few of their songs are helping me fall in love with myself again after a really difficult period of heartbreak. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so empowered as a woman before in my life than right now to be honest and in turn, more determined to create. The quiet around me is so liberating. So they have come back into my life right on time and have been helping me like nothing else. Olafur Arnalds and Colter Wall have been friends to me, too.

What was the last thing you cooked?
I made these beautiful little crostini’s with pumpkin, low-fat cream cheese, sourdough bread and thyme - my goodness I could eat a tray full they’re delicious. I recently had the flu so I’m taking another step back and being conscious of what I’m eating not to the point where I get crazy about it, but I’m listening to what my body is craving more. So many vegetables come to mind! The garden out back is going to get a work out. Craving zucchini pasta at the moment.

“I first saw Milena’s work a few years ago via Instagram and just fell in love with her unique vision. I’d dreamt of owning one of her pieces for such a long time and the opportunity to purchase my beautiful Diamond Vest arrived. It’s my favourite piece of clothing in my wardrobe (that and my overalls!)”

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