Claudia Nella

Brighton UK

Photography by Ruby Woodhouse

Featuring Claudia Nella

Describe what you do -
Cranial Osteopath and co-owner of Tidy Street General Store.

what keeps you inspired –
My family, travel, my teachers, my friends, and nature.

a place that you love -
The National Park on the north west coast of Ibiza

a book –
“Eating animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer

an artist –
Rei Kawakubo, Peter Doig

a plant –
The Jacaranda tree

a ritual / a routine –
To be able to treat patients it’s important to find a sense of stillness within myself. Before I can be still I need to move my body and calm my mind. I always feel better for movement and pranayama, so I do whatever feels right that day: walking, pilates, yoga, dancing, and focus on moving with the breath.

do you have a spiritual practice, and if so, how does it inform your work?  –
I used to do a lot of yoga and zen meditation. I try to use this training when treating patients, observing the changes in the body without influencing them. It’s very difficult to keep the space but I believe it allows the body to make the changes it needs to heal itself.

“It was love at first sight with my MS coat. I think it was the stitching on the sleeve that first caught my eye, but then I also love the little tufts of uneven fur that skirt the bottom of the coat, the leather buttons and the fact that it is the perfect length, so you can wear it with anything, even your pyjamas.”

Claudia wears her AW16 Crochet Sleeve Coat.
Claudia’s store.