Candace Shane

Los Angeles CA

Photography by Tehya Shea

Featuring Candace Shane

Please describe who you are / what you do.
Artist, store owner.

Where were you photographed for this story?
Passenger in Los Angeles, California.

What are you working on / interested in / preoccupied with at the moment?
I would say my main interest over the last year has been on my relationships.
My relationship with myself/my thoughts, with others, my work, space, time, the natural world.

Simplifying, and working at my own pace has been key for me to staying balanced;  while embracing clarity in different areas of my life has allowed me to remain sustainable in my practices.

Im currently working on something new which will show take shape next year, and on fixing up my home, which is always a nice thing to invest in. 


Do you make time for self care and if so what are some of your rituals or routines?
Yes, always, this is how stay grounded and keep the creative energies flowing.

As the sole owner of my business, I need consistency to stay focused and not fall too far behind.  

I prefer a day routine with a good amount of body movement.  In the mornings I do yoga and/or take a hike in nature. In the evenings I like to take a long bath and unwind with either meditation or reading.

I prefer to go to bed early and allow my body as much rest as it needs.
On the weekends, or as often as possible, I like to swim in the ocean.

What does spirituality mean to you?
I believe there is constant spirit and energy flow around us.
Spirituality, for me, I think means staying connected to, and trusting myself while remaining open to new growth, new ideas, energies and of course, love.

pick a current favourite:

-  song
I have music playing in my home/store/car 90% of the time, the tone and nature are constantly changing with how I feel

- item of clothing
I live in and collect antique tanks and Levis. In cooler months, I cozy up in oversized knits

- scent
The misty northern California coast and desert mornings in New Mexico

- plant/flower
There are so many, but I love tall dune grasses and when the Jasmine blooms around my house in the Spring

- recipe
A simple green salad with fresh local vegetables and healing morning teas and tonics

Candace is wearing the Diamond Kimono POLLEN in medium from AW 19/20.