Allie Crow Buckley

Sussex UK

Photography by Milena Silvano

Featuring Allie Crow Buckley

Allie is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, we took these photos in Sussex last summer when she visited the UK.

Tell us how you got started on your songwriting path?
I come from two deep music lovers, who deeply appreciated the craft of songwriting. So, naturally, I had a desire to discover new music that resonated with the various chapters of my life. Somewhere along the way, something sparked within me and i began to write music of my own.

I usually write alone, then i will bring my work to my band, or the beginnings of a song to my co collaborators and we will finish the song together, or compose the music together. It depends on the song, it’s different every time!

What role does Community play in your creative life?
Community and Collaborations are a vital part of my creative process. Expression to collaborate, from co-writing to getting to wrap myself in the silken threads of Awaveawake when performing. . . I am so blessed to have such a strong community of wildly talented friends, making a variety of beautiful, high vibrational work. When collaborating with your community, everyone becomes elevated!

What are you listening to right now?
“Little Feat, The Kinks, Todd Rundgren, Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams and a lot of classical music.”

What does Ritual mean to you?
“I try to incorporate ritual into everything i do. Be that making an altar, taking a bath, even baking a PIE. Taking that sort of care into every day I find to be extremely valuable.”

Do you have any health or beauty routines?
Bulletproof Coffee, Ayurvedic skin care, Gua Sha, Sun Potion Yin Power, Lions mane.

Favourite places in LA –

to eat –
amara kitchen

to hike –
mallard falls

to shop –

to relax –
the self realization fellowship

to be inspired –
the ocean

Allie wears her Awave Awake silk slip and the Sexton Coat from AW18/19. I love her music, and I love her free spirited attitude and willingness to play and collaborate even more!

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