Brighton UK

Photography by Jesse Williams

Featuring Alessandra Chambers

Where are you from and where did you grow up?
I am from Portsmouth, and grew up here until i moved to brighton when i was 18.

Where were you photographed for this story?
In our home/studio space by the sea in Hove.

Please describe who you are/what you do.
I am an artist, working primarily with creating printed textiles, handmade homewares and interior artworks.

What are you working on/interested in at the moment?
At the moment i am working on a new series of original artworks. I’m very focused this spring/summer on how i can introduce floral motifs into my work that are in keeping with my handwriting/visual tone of voice. This will also materialise in a collaboration, a small batch of printed blouses, which i am super excited about. I’m also very interested in extending my practice within interiors and interior design, we’re in the process of buying our own home at the moment so i can’t wait to get my hands on this project.


What are some of your self care rituals/routines?
Bathing is an important ritual to me, my morning and evening face cleansing routine, the moment to touch my own skin and connect to myself. This past year i have been exploring neural manifestation, hypnotherapy and kundalini yoga. When the weather isn’t quite so cold, sea swimming is something i find deeply healing.

Please share a product/art piece/project that you have created/worked on, that most resonates with you currently?
I am really enjoying patchwork and working with my production offcuts at the moment. I recently collaborated with a friend who weaves textiles and creates garments to create a patchwork jacket. This was a really beautiful new challenge for me to explore pattern within textiles, without using print. I love the subtlety of what we created.


Has Covid changed the way you work in any way and if so, how?
On a very surface/practical level, I don’t feel as though covid has impacted my ability to create work in that i have always been based at home so those circumstances haven’t changed for me. not being able to travel however, has made me feel very starved of inspiration at times. travel is so important for me, it feeds my soul and inspires me in so many subconscious ways. I cannot wait to experience new places this year, see new colours, materials, surfaces, smells…

What does community mean to you and where do you find it?
I’m a gemini, so community and socialising means a lot to me, it really gives me life. In particular, creatively, community has been so integral to my growth as an artist, to be expanded by and uplifted by others and to do so in return. Over this past year in particular within the context of the pandemic, instagram has shown me an incredible sense of community, hosting virtual workshops and also hosting a pop-up last winter with virtual shopping appointments was really a new and energising experience. I enjoy connecting with others in a physical way, visiting other artist studios, pop-ups, exhibitions etc.


pick a current favourite...

a song -
Doja Cat - Streets

a book -
Dr Tara Swart - The Source

a scent -
Lavender & Eucalyptus

an item of clothing -
Cecile Bahnsen blouse

plant/flower -

a recipe - 
apricot spiced butter, whole roasted cauliflower with garlic & lemon yoghurt

artist/maker -
Cassi Namoda, Pierre Bon Compain